Metaverse Development Service

Metaverse development service – an innovative solution from ServReality

Metaverse is what lots of people are talking about nowadays. What is it, actually? Is it a virtual world with unlimited possibilities where we can hide when there is a need? Or is it just another name for XR? The truth is that the essence of the metaverse is much deeper. It can change almost all fields of human activities.

The metaverse is a permanent virtual space in which people can interact with each other and with digital objects through their avatars using virtual reality technologies. It provides enhanced immersive experiences. The adoption of technologies of this type is still in an early stage, but this field is one of the most promising nowadays. We at ServReality keep pace with modern trends, so you can order metaverse software development services of different types.

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What we can offer

Understandably, the concept of the metaverse is not limited to one or several solutions. There are plenty of options we can offer, so let's take a look at those.

If you want some apps to be developed, you are just in the right place. Our professionals are ready to create applications for any purpose that will be tied with a metaverse platform. We can develop applications for presentations, tours, communication, and more.
The field of marketplaces can change significantly with the help of the metaverse. With the help of those, people will get a chance to offer services of different types, get acquainted, and so on. We guarantee the end result will meet your expectations.
Decentralized platforms
Imagine you need a space where people operating cryptocurrency, for example, can solve their tasks and perform diverse operations. In this case, metaverse comes to the rescue as well. It may be a VR metaverse or something else; the format will be discussed separately.
Training, digital twins, simulation
You may need different platforms for different purposes, both commercial or aimed at team development. We can do both! Our professionals can create any type of platform to meet your business goals. We can create digital twins, any product to provide an immersive experience, and much more.
Digital economies
If you want to create a cozy area for those interested in cryptocurrencies, NFTs, and other things of this type, we can do it for you. In such areas, people can buy, sell, and perform other actions connected with cryptocurrency. The solution we'll offer depends on your specifications. We can customize any solution to meet your needs.
Games are perhaps the most interesting metaverse branch. Games based on the metaverse provide an incredibly immersive experience, so no wonder such games are always hits. Professionals from our company specialize in metaverse game development and can develop games of any type, so gamers will definitely enjoy it.
Integration services
We know how to work with any tech stack, so adding any integrations is possible. It will result in a custom, one-of-a-kind solution.
2D/3D? Easy!
What is one of the key elements of a metaverse? Understandably, visuality! So, we need lots of 2D and 3D models (as well as other visuality). Just describe what you require, and we will offer the best solution for your case!


Metaverse Development Service

    Our metaverse solutions for industries

    Nowadays, the metaverse is not what you can see everywhere, but it is becoming a new reality for many industries. We at ServReality love changes and are ready to help you implement new solutions in your business. It is not a futuristic vision now: it is a new reality people will soon find themselves in. So, it is better to be one of the first companies to offer people something interesting and unusual. Here are what we offer to different industries.
    Virtual events
    The COVID-19 pandemic has shown people how important it is to stay in touch with loved ones. The metaverse is a great chance to stay in touch, hold events of different types, etc. Even concerts can be held this way!
    Social media
    It would seem it is impossible to surprise people with social media. But what about adding some new experiences? Social media can be used in a completely different way with the help of the metaverse, making it possible for users to explore a new reality using 3D avatars.
    We can offer modern solutions to bring ordinary online meetings to a completely new level! We can create a virtual office to meet with colleagues from other cities, which will increase team efficiency in times.
    Speaking about art, our options are limitless. Be it a virtual art gallery, an exhibition, a 3D tour, or a viewing room – we can do anything.

    All Possible Genres for Your Solutions

    • Education
    • Online learning is at its peak now, so why not try to make it more interesting? With the help of AR and VR models, the learning process will become similar to a game, thus encouraging learners and being maximally enjoyable.

    • Retail
    • Those who have shops are lucky as well: a virtual area mirroring your shop, with dressing rooms, payment services, and more, will definitely bring more customers. Nowadays, people prefer shopping online, so don't miss such a chance.

    • Healthcare
    • The possibilities for using metaverse in healthcare are limitless. It can be used in medical universities (AR/VR models, virtual environments, and more), in patient care, and in research of all types.

    • Manufacturing
    • What metaverse possibilities can we use in manufacturing? Plenty of those! First of all, digital twins. They will help to improve designs greatly. Also, this practice will help to improve collaboration and safety.

    • Real estate
    • How to show people a place, be it a house or land, without going anywhere? The answer is simple: metaverse will help you! We can create a marketplace, build land, homes, and more. It will help you show the property without leaving the comfort of your home.

    • Fashion
    • We can help you show new collections and create showrooms and NFTs for those customers eager to buy virtual clothing. It will create an immersive brand experience and make people remember you.

    Your imagination is the basis of what the players will do in the game. We ask only for what you want, and development is our responsibility.

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    How much does the service cost?
    ➢ The cost of each project is calculated separately. Contact our managers, and they will do it for you.
    When did the term "metaverse" appear?
    ➢ The term was first used in Neil Stevenson's novel Snow Crash (1982). It was described as a virtual place perfect for escaping reality.
    How can we use the metaverse?
    ➢ The options are diverse. It can be used in marketing, education, healthcare, communication, and more.

    No matter what type of solution you require – we are ready to discuss all your preferences and offer what will suit you better. Be it a metaverse game development, a virtual tour, or a marketplace – we can do anything.

    Don't be afraid to make your business innovative!

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