Outsourcing Game Development

Outsourcing Game Development – Deepen into Virtual World with ServReality

ServReality is a game outsourcing studio responsible for developing highly competitive modern digital solutions. Our team’s always ready to complete projects with various difficulties, implement experience and cope with obstacles to provide innovative solutions for customers.

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Outsourcing Game Development

Outsourcing Is What We Make Perfectly

We want our customers to have convenient and resultative cooperation, emphasizing quality and novelty. More than 100 experienced specialists know all the secrets and peculiarities of the virtual world and develop the games with the highest performance.

  • Always Client-Oriented

  • We aim to understand the initial requirement to create the best concept and minimize the risk of development flaws. So, we listen to clients attentively, distribute the tasks through the schedule, and provide detailed reviews at any stage if necessary.

  • Full Professional Team

  • We specialize in various outsourcing game dev procedures, so our team has gained particular development skills since 2013. Designers, artists, animators, developers, and testers are those working on your project.

  • Portfolio Builds Trust

  • ServReality’s working cases include creating multiple VR/AR solutions, Java, JavaScript, Scala, Golang, etc. That’s why we are flexible to requirements and can use any approach the development requires.

  • Cutting Edge Approaches

  • Outsourcing games by ServReality combine knowledge modeling technologies and the latest machine learning algorithms. Our solutions are supplemented with AI that improves performance and simplifies maintenance.

  • Open for Any Requirements

  • After you determine even the most minor details, we’ll customize the game to make it maximum unique. So, don’t be afraid to specify the genre, world’s elements, gameplay modes, etc. A satisfying result is our main goal.

Efficient Services Are the Basis of What We Suggest

We build up various solutions implementing a maximum of functions and endowing them with the specific characteristics, making them perform at the highest level. Choose what you want to acquire as a result, and we’ll do the rest to provide the best user interaction and engagement.

  • PC Outsourcing Video Game Development
  • The 2D and 3D games for Windows and Mac of any genre are developed end-to-end, considering all the relevant design and gameplay peculiarities.

  • AR/VR Game Development
  • The primary tools we use are Unity/Unreal engines that allow using systematic strategies to get advanced cross-platform solutions with qualitative visualization.

  • Mobile Game Development
  • We develop highly-competitive iOS and Android games and endow them with modern features considering the latest trends.

  • Cross-Platform Game Development
  • If you need a game for launching on any device, it’s not a problem for us. ServReality introduces solutions compatible with all operating systems.

  • Console Game Development
  • Xbox, Playstation, Nintendo, etc., are the primary platforms we create our high-tech and competitive solutions.

  • NFT Game Development
  • Our team specializes in developing pay-to-earn and play-to-earn NFT games and creating non-fungible token marketplaces.

Video Game Development

Games with Innovative Features

We always correspond to game development and outsourcing trends and monitor the industry's latest news. The wish to create only the best leads us to perfect results.

Detailed Concept Art ↓

Any Genre You Wish ↓

Inspiring Design ↓

Our team has a perfect vision of the virtual world and provides a detailed design of hero models, playing environments, interactive elements, etc. Everything we plan to implement is discussed with the clients – our initiatives depend on your wish.

We develop arcade, action, racing, sports, adventure, casino, and other games and have a specific concept creation algorithm for each. The solutions will have particular gameplay and internal characteristics depending on available functions.

The visual objects are creative and built with artistic vision and deep modeling knowledge. We always consider the platform to make the design don’t affect the performance and keep the game running smoothly.

Amazing Gameplay →

It’s essential to make users interested in the investigation of the world, so the plot plays a crucial role. Our team writes a unique storyline with intriguing storytelling and a walkthrough.

Optimized In-Game Operations →

All the possible inserted game elements, such as cosmetic additions, special offers, and loyalty programs, are developed at the highest level. The economy and payments are introduced with the specific requirements our clients set up.

    We Always Make It Step-by-Step

      Our outsourcing game company provides services considering the plan of processes completed by a specific department. The standard approach has 5 stages:

    • Planning
      It’s the essential stage that determines the success of the following ones. Here, we speak with the customer, gather general information about the project, and define the necessary tools.
    • Production
      The stage consists of programming, designing, and optimizing operations obligatory for building a viable product ready for testing.
    • Testing
      The product’s exploitation should be convenient and have no bugs or performance inconveniences. Our testing department appropriately searches for flaws and tests all the available functions
    • Lauch
      We check the final solution for perfect performance and ensure its good start. The game’s release should supplement all launching and promotional rules to make it positively perceived by users.
    • Post-production
      The stage includes the game patching and regular updating to change its specific elements and improve the gameplay for maximum user contentment.


    1. What is game development outsourcing?

    ✅ It’s when the organization allows the game studio to complete all the operations connected with the game and entirely control the development from start to end.

    2. Do game companies outsource?

    ✅ Yes, such agencies have recently grown in popularity due to the high competitiveness of video game industries.

    3. Why do game companies outsource?

    ✅ The primary aim is to provide cost-efficient and transparent services that help clients reduce the risk of improper development and have the product created by a professional team.

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