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ServReality is a current Virtual Reality development company. We are developers in complete-cycle designing and creation of clients’ VR decisions. To get the necessary specifications, our team can approximately estimate each future Virtual Reality plan or training. We present Virtual- and Augmented- Reality content (games/software/app) for different spheres of manufacturing:

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Virtual Development Services
Innovative VR software company

Innovative VR software company

ServReality is a Virtual Reality app and software game development company, which has proficiency in such services as game designing and data construction. We suggest a systematic enterprise of Virtual Reality production from plans and strategies to making original models, to solution advancement, distribution of the product, andtraining. Our designers and developers present a high-qualified work in services:

The development of VR technology is a complex system. Two possible types of platforms are applied for work: Unity / Unreal Engine. One frequently operated Virtual Reality platform is Unity, which lets each three-dimensional, mobile and game apps be formed. Another platform Unreal Engine helps to construct acceptable software.

VR game development

In comparison with different Virtual Reality development companies, ServReality keeps complete expertise in Virtual Reality software game development. Our virtual reality software developers make decisions with the reliable Virtual Reality game software development sources: Unreal Engine and Unity.

Our crew provides such kind of Virtual Reality development services: builds up reliably simulated surroundings for VR games and arcades and deeply engaging product presentations. All details, developers, and services that should be required, are always included in the order:


VR game development


What is virtual reality?

    VR software development

    VR Software Development

    A professional company team constantly implements Virtual Reality, AR, Mixed Reality, and AI technologies to keep pace with times. Our developers are controlled by enthusiastic people with great practice in various complex projects. You will be able either to fulfill virtual reality business ideas or get VR development software for personal purposes.

    Our developed VR simulations assist companies to establish any industrial platforms. VR technology enhances the effectiveness of knowledge providing and makes easier the problem-solving processes. The valuable experience includes Virtual Reality, AR, and 3D technologies and software development products:

    • Virtual Reality applications
    • Augmented Reality applications
    • 3d virtual reality apps, virtual tours
    • 360 degrees’ video

    Virtual Reality, AR, and 3D software and VR app development tools are the following: LinceoVR, NyARToolkit, Layar, Mudbox World, 3ds Max, Vuforia, Google plugins, ARToolkit, 3D-Coat, Wikitude, Machine, Junaio, MEL, C++, ZBrush. Maya, Blender, SketchUp.

    Our Virtual Reality solutions are:

    Full phase of Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality and Mixed Reality game/app/software development (cross-platform, computer, video, mobile, Android, iOS)
    Three-dimensional solutions
    Enterprise mobility
    Computer vision
    Deep Learning, Neural Networks
    Machine Learning

    VR App Development

    Developing VR technology, our company developers have a chance to design new versions of improved products and deliver customers what they ask for. Our team established an advanced surrounding and several complementary VR technologies that are proper for a current Virtual Reality project. Find your personal VR development cost and terms of creating a solution.

    ServReality, a European Virtual Reality software development company with great training in trade investigation. At the beginning of all projects, we analyze potential audience, business, trade goals. Provided the recommendations and specialized VR development services, our developers then produce an appropriate Virtual Reality product to deal with the possible clients in gaming, trade, education, and other spheres. Virtual reality business applications are mostly spread in the retail, healthcare, and marketing industries. Developing for Virtual Reality we initiate new ideas and make a resolute step to future achievements and training. ServReality remains one of the top virtual reality gaming companies.

    Developing VR

    The VR Game Apps for Everyone

    Unreal VR development is a good solution for real-world challenges. Yet, virtual reality app development requires close observation of the User Interface and User Experience of the app. Moreover, some apps demand additional support tools to perform with the client’s mobile device. Virtual reality technology companies that develop VR apps also should consider two essential factors while creating Virtual Reality app:
    Smooth app performance
    The expert tries to get smooth performance because it helps to avoid such complications of a mobile app as animation aging, cropping, and appearance of bugs. In some cases, the app may fail to react to client input.
    Stable tracking
    Stable tracking guarantees the right data (info) and correct images are provided for the customers and they may see what they use. ServReality stands among other virtual reality production companies offering virtual world software at the same time eliminating possible risks and maintaining a high level of services, according to our corporate principles. VR apps are available for Android (apk), Windows Phone, and IOS. Tech companies are striving to deliver high-quality virtual word services and satisfy the clients’ needs.
    VR game apps

    ServReality the VR game apps and their area of impact

    Virtual Reality transforms the representation of the world image greatly. Virtual Reality programs nowadays are applied nearly in the majority of industries, government researches, business, and definitely, in the sphere of entertainment.

    Virtual Reality game development is the one and only computer or app industry that makes real all around you in the most affordable way as for the VR app developers so for the customers. There’s a most common division among virtual reality software development: the desktop (or hardware) and the Virtual Reality app development.

    Making the most realistic VR apps development is connected with using a suitable mobile platform. And we offer you Virtual Reality development in Unity – one of the most appropriate mobile software. What is the VR app development services with Unity major advantages?

    • High-quality optimization of Virtual Reality technology
    • Multi-dimensional Virtual Reality app development
    • Relevant sets of tools for Virtual Reality games, simulators, and app making
    • A quick deployment service (IOS, Android, Windows Mobile, Tizen)

    So you can just use your smartphone, your Virtual Reality headset and our Virtual Reality-developed application to dive deeply into the completely different reality than the one that surrounds you.

    Virtual Reality Software
    Virtual Reality apps company

    Why you choose us?

    Our Virtual Reality apps company ServReality gains a huge experience and extended portfolio case throughout the years of working. Our projects have great use in the game apps industry and in the development of educational apps. The team of developers constantly improve their skills to develop projects and products with Virtual- and Augmented Reality technologies and satisfy all customer’s needs and expectations.

    The mutual corporation with the clients and the application of the innovative technologies and tools help to make products more effective and attractive for the targeted audience and business at the same time offering numerous alternatives adaptive for any decision.

    Are you interested in the collaboration? You may observe all our projects in the portfolio on the site. Our managers may contact you any time and consult any question of interest about Virtual Reality game/software/app development services.


    What is VR?
    ➢Virtual Reality (VR) is a computer-generated immersive environment that can be interacted with in a seemingly real way by the user using special equipment like a headset or controllers
    What are you developing?
    ➢ServReality VR developers are working on VR Games, VR Apps and VR software
    What is a VR app?
    ➢ An application that makes available to immerse people in a digital three-dimensional environment. Virtual reality programming is applied to create a simulation of real presence
    Where are VR apps used?
    ➢Virtual Reality programs nowadays are applied nearly in the majority of industries, government researches, business, and definitely, in the sphere of entertainment
    Where can I look at your cases?
    ➢You can look at our cases here.

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